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Capturing the essence of being female through a prism of intrigue, humor, and absurdity, I offer a fresh perspective on the narratives that shape women’s lives. I believe that we have been fractured throughout eras in media and art history, an oversimplification of women that is mere misrepresentation. I navigate the illusion between past and present, creating a contemporary chronicle of life interwoven with memories of joy, sorrow, growth, and introspection. These emotions need not be simplified, they occur as simultaneous phenomena in individuals' lives. Themes of identity, feminine roles, childrearing, and aging are used as threads in the tapestry of my own experiences.

My feminine-based approach to viewing and describing the world extends beyond drawing and painting to include sculpture, installation, performance, and film. Drawing and painting are intentionally calculated, while my sculptures and installations are free associative of what it means to be feminine. Performance and film poetically capture collective female consciousness, recording the stories of myself and women in my community. My experimental approach to layering materials and objects draws viewers into deliberate dialogues that probe questions about gender and sexuality.

My multidisciplinary approach enables me to consider the relationship of material, process, and outcome. My selection of mediums and methods, both used independently and combined, translate into questions and reflections on the diverse facets of being female in a world that is nuanced with challenges. Through my work I address the need for society to honor women fiercely for their many roles.




Patricia Schnall Gutierrez (b. Buffalo, New York) received her BFA from SUNY Buffalo in 1978. After moving to New York City in 1980, she continued her education at the New York Studio School.

She co-founded RPM Projects, dedicated to multisensory female experiences since 2011 as a collaborative venture with filmmaker, Rhonda Mitrani, and photographer, Marina Font. Best known for large-scale multimedia installations and short films, the project supports each artist independently and collaboratively.

Schnall Gutierrez's work will debut in May, 2024 at Burchfield Penney Art Center, SUNY Buffalo State University. She has been included in exhibitions in MOCA Miami, Naples Museum of Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Museum of Florida Art, Lowe Art Museum, The Margulies Collection, Appleton Museum, Lowe Art Museum, YAA Museum, Patterson Museum, Burchfield Penney Art Center, MADA New Media, as well as numerous University Exhibitions, Art Fairs, and Galleries in and outside of the United States. Schnall Gutierrez has received numerous artist achievement awards and fellowships over the years and has also been included in private and online auctions. Schnall Gutierrez currently lives and works in South Florida.



1988    New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture, New York, NY

1978    State University New York at Buffalo, B.F.A. (cum laude) Buffalo, NY




2024      Remember Me, Burchfield Penney Art Center - SUNY Buffalo State University, Buffalo, NY


2023/24      Love Me Now, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Aldo Castillo Gallery, Estero, FL

2023/24    Charcoals, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, April 29 - Oct. 30,. 2023 Black Ship Gallery, Miami, FL


2022     Patricia Schnall, Oil Paintings, Black Ship Gallery, Miami, FL


2020/21     Patricia Schnall, Drawings and Paintings 2019 - 2021, Black Ship Gallery, Miami, FL

2019     Blue, Short Film Screening and Artists talk, RPM Projects, Faena Miami Beach, Miami Beach, FL

2019     Fresh Out of the Oven, &gallery, Miami FL


2017    Uninterrupted, &gallery, Miami, FL


2016/17 The House Inside My Head, Boca Raton Museum of Art, RPM Project Collaborative, Boca Raton, FL


2015   Housewife Diaries, 6th Street Container, Miami, FL


2013   Body, Maps and Territories, Personal Geographies, Aluna Art Foundation, Miami, FL     

2012   Domestic Duality, Florida Atlantic University, Jupiter, FL

2010    Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, HB Home, East Hampton, NY

2008    Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Lurie Gallery, Miami, FL

2005    Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Puccio Gallery, New York, NY

2003    Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Maurice M. Pine Gallery, Fair Lawn, NJ

2002    Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJ

2001    Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Hopper House, Nyack, NY

1999    Womanhood, Studio 4 West Gallery, Piermont, NY





2015   The Credit Bubble, Homo-Sapiens Collaborative, Bakehouse Art Complex, (Collabo 5)

           Miami, FL


2015   The Trobairitz, Tigertail Productions, MDC  Black Box Theater, Miami, FL


           The Trobairitz, Tigertail Productions, The Related Group, Midtown Miami, FL


2014   The Package Project, TSKY Residency, Key West, FL


           The Package Project, The Collectors Fair, Miami, FL


2013    Patty Cake, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami, FL


            2407 The House Inside My Head, Memorias del Oikos, La Casa Re-Presented, RPM Project        

            Collaborative, Miami, FL


2012   The Package Project, Irreversible Prize Winner, Miami, FL


2010   Rope and Stool, Sin, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL




2023    Female Figuratively, OMSA Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL

            Drawing From Nature, Pinecrest Gardens, Pinecrest, FL

            Exposed, Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL

            The BluPrnt Show, Bridge Red Studios, Miami, FL 

            Belt of Venus, Collective 62, Miami, FL

2022    ArtistsStand4 UKRAINE, Fountainhead Studios, Miami, FL

            Exposed, Art nd Culture Center/Hollywood, FL

2021   Geometry, Color & Rhythm, Mitte Projects, Miami, FL

            Art in Craft Media, Burchfield Penney Art Center, Buffalo, NY

            Exposed, Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, FL

2020   Home Sweet Home, Hartvest Project, PInecrest, FL

           Exposed, Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood, Hollywood, FL

           Play Me, Mitte Projects and Wynwood Arts 29, Miami, FL

           Chandelle, Art Up Concepts, Fort Lauderdale, FL 

2019   (716) ART auction, Burchfield Penny Art Center, Buffalo NY

           Artists Draw their Studios, Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, FL Hollywood, FL

            Exposed, Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL

           The Moon in the Mirror, Nonoska Huerta Gallery, Aluna curatorial collective, Miami, FL

2018   Dual Roles, Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, Hollywood, FL

           Rocking Chair Sessions 1-50, Audrey Love Gallery, BAC, Miami, FL

           Habitat, Work by RPM Project, Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, Hollywood, FL 

           Plush, Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood, Hollywood, FL

           Exposed, Art and Culture Cente/Hollywood, Hollywood, FL 

2017   Aqua International Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami Beach, FL

           Aqua International Art Fair, & Gallery, Miami Beach, FL

           Woman Behind the Threads, Bossa Gallery Design District, Miami, FL

2016   SATELLITE Art Fair, &gallery, Booth 11, Miami Beach, FL

           Intersectionality, Museum of Contemporary Art - Miami, curated by Richard Haden, Miami, FL

           You Can Only Understand From A Distance, Triad Gallery,( "A six-week project featuring six of the

           best video artists practicing today").  RPM Project,  London, UK

           Furtherance, & Gallery, Andrea Nhuch, Bianca Pratorius, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Miami, FL

           Me, Me, Me: New Study of Self Portrait, curated by Luky Cancio, The Laundromat, Miami, FL  

2015   Albion Hotel - Rubell Boutique Hotel, Sunday, 12/6/2115, Selected installations, curated by

          Robert M. Acree. Miami Beach, FL

          Aqua Art Miami, Cancio Contemporary, Booth 120, Miami Beach, FL

          The Artists of Art Salon: A Collective Dialogue , curated by Elle Shoor, The Armory,

          West Palm Beach, FL

          Dali and MeRochi , MACArt curated by Rochi Lianeza, Fort Lauderdale, FL

          Abracadabra, Art and Culture Center, invited artist, Hollywood, FL

          The Reunion, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL

          Annual Interest, Young At Art Museum, invited artist, Davie, FL

2014   2014 Biennial: Outside The Box, Appleton Museum of Art, Installation, Ocala,            

          FL [catalogue] 

          Errance Provencale, Carpentras, France   

          Running Free, Like Never Before, Ft. Lauderdale, FL             

          Annual Interest, Young At Art Museum, Hollywood FL

          The Collectors Fair, Miami, FL

          Identities In Transit, Aluna Art Foundation, Miami, FL

 2013  AQUA Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami Beach, FL,

          Stuffed, Morean Arts Center, St. Petersburg, FL

          Fresh Paint Party, LASR Art, Midtown Miami, Miami, FL

          Oneiric - Beyond Consciousness, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL 

           62nd Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition, Boca Museum of 

           Art, Boca Raton, FL [catalogue])

           Papering, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL

           Collage, Swenson Gallery, BAC, Miami, FL

           MADA New Media, Art Wynwood, RPM Project, Dot FiftyOne Gallery, Miami, FL

           Altered Landscape, Lowe Art Museum, Featured Artist, University of Miami, FL
           Whiskey and Rye, The Nightclub, Miami Design District, Miami, FL
           Incognito, Patti and Joe Baker Naples Museum of Art, Featured Artist, Naples, FL      
           Annual Interest, Knight Gallery - Young At Art Museum, Hollywood FL
           Who Does She Think She Is, Delray Beach, FL
2012   Anne-Marie Was Here..., RPM Project, The Screening Room, Miami, FL 

           Context – Art  Miami Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami Art Basel, Miami, FL
           IRREVERSIBLE Magazine - Cover Feature 2012 Winners Exhibition, WEC, Miami,FL      

           Memorias del Oikos, La Casa Re-Presented, Centro Cultural Espanol, RPM Project,      

           Miami, FL

           Art Live Fair, RPM Project, Coconut Grove Convention Center, Miami, FL

           From Cutler To Paris, Deering Estate, Cutler Bay, FL
           Wrapt Attention, Gallery 18, Pembroke Pines, FL
           Appropriated Gender, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
           Biennial: Florida Installation Art, Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, FL [catalogue] 

           Boca Raton Museum of Art - 61st Annual all Florida Juried Competition, Boca     

           Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL [catalogue]

           Women’s Perspectives, Dina Mitrani Gallery, Miami, FL
2011   Biennial Six, Museum of Florida Art, Deland, FL
           Wynwood Art Festival, RPM Project, Margulies Art Warehouse, Miami, FL

           Bare Essentials: Minimalism in the 21st Century, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL
           Structured, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL
           Mid Summer Night’s Dream, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL
           Boca Raton Museum of Art - 60th Annual All Florida Juried Competition and     

           Exhibition, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL
           What Appears to Be, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Cheryl Maeder and Gerry Stecca, LMNT              

           Gallery, Miami, FL

           Note, Art Box Gallery, Indianapolis, IN
           Incognito, Naples Museum of Art, Naples, FL
           Art and Sole, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL

          Texas National 2011, Cole Art Center/ SFA State University School of Art,
           Nacogdoches, TX
          The Conversation Starts Here, Graham Center Art Gallery, Miami, FL
           Florida International University, Miami, FL
           Friends of Art, Lowe Art Museum, Miami, FL
2010   AQUA Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami, FL
           Sin, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami, FL

           The Dolls House, The Women’s Park, Miami, FL
           RUTA, Juried Exhibition honoring Mexico’s Bicentennial, Miami, FL
           Boca Raton Museum of Art - 59th Annual all Florida Juried Competition,

           Boca Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL
           Florida Contemporary 2010, Naples Museum of Art, Naples FL
           Pryor Fine Art, Atlanta, GA
           MIA Art Fair 2010, Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL
2009   AQUA Art Fair, Cancio Contemporary, Miami, FL
           RED DOT Art Fair, D&G Art Design Gallery, Miami, FL
           Sensory Overload, BAC Gallery, Miami, FL
           D&G Art Design Gallery, Miami, FL
           5 x 7, BAC Swenson Gallery, Miami, FL
           Fresh Paint, BAC Gallery, Miami, FL
           Select Four/Collective Consciousness, BAC Gallery, Miami FL [catalogue]

           Form-Function, BAC Gallery, Miami, FL [catalogue] 

2008   RAW art space , Midtown Art Fairs, Miami, FL

           Puccio Gallery, New York, NY
           RVS Gallery, Southampton, NY
           Lurie Art Gallery, Beverly Hills, CA
           Lurie Art Gallery, Miami, FL
           Art Rouge Gallery, Miami FL       

2007    Lurie Art Gallery, Miami, FL

           RVS Gallery, Southampton, NY           

2006    Puccio Gallery, New York, NY
           RVS Gallery, Southampton, NY

2005   Synagogue for the Arts Gallery, New York, NY

           Puccio Gallery, New York, NY

           Cultural Center of River Vale, River Vale, NJ

2004    Paterson Museum, Paterson, NJInteracting Expressions

2003    Rice/Pollak Gallery, Provincetown, MA

2002    Presentations, Williamsburg Art Center, Brooklyn, NY

           Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY

2001    The Gallery at Media Productions International, New York, NY

           Rice/Pollak Gallery, Provincetown, MA 

2000    Phoenix Gallery, New York, NY
           Rice/Pollak Gallery, Provincetown, MA 

           Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY
           World Fine Art, New York, NY

1999    Waterside Gallery, West Stockbridge, MA

           Manhattan Transfer, 5th Ave. New York, NY

           Five Women Artists ,John Harmes Center for the Arts, Englewood, NJ                                              

1998    Mostly Glass Gallery, Featured Artist, Englewood, NJ
           93 South Art Gallery, Nyack, NY
           Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY

1997   Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY

1996   Studio 4 West, Piermont, NY

1992    Art Center of Northern New Jersey, New Milford, NJ

           Art Center of Northern New Jersey, Faculty Exhibit, New Milford, NJ         

1981    AAO Gallery, Invitational Group Show, Buffalo, NY 

1979    AAO Gallery, Annual Art Competition, Buffalo, NY

           Williamsville Art Society Invitational, Williamsville, NY

1978    New Talent, Alamo Gallery, Buffalo, NY





2014 Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs 2013-2014 Artist Access Grant

2014 Private Residency, Carpentras, France

2014 TSKW Residency Program 2013/2014

2012 Finalist: Florida Department of State/Division of Cultural Affairs Visual Arts Fellowship   
2012 Irreversible Magazine: Cover Featured Winner
2012 Art Districts Magazine : Open Call Winner featured artist June/July issue
2012 Boca Museum of Art: Award of Merit, Female Forms
2012 Art Slant Showcase Winner, sculpture category

2012 Art Slant Showcase Winner, installation category
2011 Award of Excellence - Museum of Florida Art, Biennial Six Exhibition
2011 Art Slant Showcase Winner, painting category


2023  Make a Wish Foundation Gala, - Private Auction

2022 Burchfield Penney Museum - Public Auction

2011 Marguilles Collection - Sotheby's Private Auction





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