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Friday, May 8, 2015

May's Wynwood Art Walk Guide: Household Chores and Playground Memories


By Shelly Davidov


The month of May brings to mind bursts of spring, the birth of new life and possibilities in our minds. Though we try to savor the short season, it slips away quickly to make way for the languidness of summer. While those days bring travel and exploration to some, most of us find ourselves trapped in the house, thoughts restless as we tackle those chores we finally have the time to do.

In anticipation of those long, hot months, May’s second Saturday art walk finds several artists exploring that upcoming restlessness, creating new dialogues within those mundane activities and, in some shows, reiterating the magic of simplicity, nature, and change.

Here are our top picks for Wynwood’s May art walk showings — take them in while they last:

Housewife Diaries
As far as patriarchal tradition goes, we know who’s doing all that spring cleaning. Multimedia artist Patricia Schnall Guiterrez explores her obsession with those gender roles through "Housewife Diaries," an exhibition dedicated to issues surrounding the female condition. Inspired by the 1970 film Diary of a Mad Housewife, the artist combines sculptural objects, digital photography, and sound to reference household chores typically performed by women, from laundry to mopping to baking. 


6th Street Container, 1155 SW Sixth St., Miami, 305-560-1150,


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