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RPM PROJECTS   Rhonda Mitrani, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, Marina Font


In 2011, RPM Project came together as a collaborative. Our work, while independent of one another and expressed in different mediums, utilizes similar threads of gesture and theme.  Together, we explore how feminine ritual transcends into the mainstream so that an awareness of a culturally constructed world is deconstructed by our unique experiences. 


We arrive at three different ages, covering a broad perception of life through a daughter, a mother and a grandmother. Our multi-media installations create a back and forth between boundaries of time, history, culture and levels of consciousness. We create metaphoric realities that address social issues of feminine culture


Our collaborative work has been showcased in Wynwood Art Fair, Dot Fiftyone Gallery, MADA New Media, TRIAD/London, Centro Cultural Espanol/ Miami and most recently, a solo Exhibition of our work at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.








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