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Immersive art installations are meant to transcend traditional boundaries, enveloping views in multi-sensory experiences that blur the lines between art and reality.  By engaging sight, sound, scent, and audio, these installations invite audiences into a world of collective thoughts and memories. 

Image: Descent Home, 2012


Selected Works

Remember Me

Burchfield Penney Art Center

May 10 - October 27, 2024

Memories, like identities, are hardly ever linear and absolute.   Rather they are nuanced, imperfect, and layered. We experience a myriad of personal and social influences that help shape and reshape our identities over time.  The accumulation of these impressions lingers as our understanding of ourselves and how we relate to the world around us evolves.
Tiffany D. Gaines
Installed in the Project room of the museum, this dramatic installation transforms the space into bits and pieces of memories of the artist.   Viewers are left questioning how our memories form our identities.  

Fresh Out of the Oven

& Gallery


In the exhibition, Fresh out of the Oven, a room of revolving cakes invites us to re-examine this iconic form associated with women.  For the artist, who admits to making hundreds of boxed cakes over the years while juggling career and family, the notion of repeating this form with materials other than batter and frosting alters our perception.  As the cakes twirl around in unison, one can sense an undercurrent of the feminine condition that the artist is clearly familiar with. 

The House Inside My Head

Boca Raton Museum of Art

An RPM Project

 Nov 2016 - Feb 2017

“Home is where one starts from.” T.S. Eliot

Our earliest and most personal moments originate at home, shaping the people we become and the identities we form. For centuries, social conditions have placed women and the roles associated with the feminine character, in the house. Using technology and sculpture as environments, RPM Project focuses on creating monumental narratives from traditionally feminine rituals. In this four-part exhibition, they create metaphorical realities that address classic dilemmas for women and push the boundaries in today’s feminine culture.

Through video, sound, and sculpture, RPM’s installations serve as pathways in an imaginary house, creating multi-sensory experiences that lead you through a labyrinth within a woman’s psyche. RPM is made up of Rhonda Mitrani, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez, and Marina Font.

Anne-Marie Was Here

The Screening Room

Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL

An RPM Project


Inspired by an article written by Anne-Marie Slaughter, “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All”, RPM Project brings to the table the ongoing conversation between women and what they contend with when they juggle their personal and professional lives.


Presented in a domestic setting, a dining table is set with decadent cakes, dishes, teacups, and six dressed chairs with video monitors as talking heads.  Each chair represents a woman and her choices, justifications, and often dilemmas concerning family and professional life.

One chair is left empty for the viewer to sit and participate in this interactive aural collage.  An iPad replaces a place setting so that the guest can leave their own thoughts in a virtual community. 

Descent Home

Bakehouse Art Complex


Delicate, organic-shaped female skirt forms, grouped like primordial organisms placed on the ground can be viewed as descending into the earth or blooming from it. 

The process played its part in capturing female energy in this piece.  The translucent paper was drenched in stiffening solution and tinted with olive oil and teas, reminiscent of baking or laundering. The association with women and how they have been revered and associated spiritually with the earth brings a timeless fundamental feminine presence to this installation.

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