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Public Collections l Design Affiliates

The work of Patricia Schnall Gutierrez can be found in such public venues as The James Hotel (Miami Beach) Coastal Developers (NYC) and Bensi Restaurants (NJ)  She  is affiliated with private designers as well as well respected design firms including; Rottet Studio, Eaton Fine Art,  HB Home, D&G Art and Design, and DAC Hospitality. Placement of her work has been highlighted in numerous design periodicals such as Interior Design and LUXE interiors and design magazines. Site-specific commissions and rental options are available.   

Guest Artist Talks

As a guest artist, Patricia Schnall Gutierrez speaks of her work as it relates to the women's movement since the early 1970's. Through venues such as museums, cultural art instututions, colleges, universities and private groups including; Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale, Armory Art Center, Miami International University of Art and Design, Aluna Art Foundation and St. Thomas Aquinas College, the artist focuses on the exploration of the contemporary feminine character based on traditional, political and personal circumstances.  On many occasions,the artist engages her audience in public participatory projects.       

Public Art Projects


Engaging the public in participatory project installations has been an integral part of Patricia Schnall Gutierrez's work. Installations including; The Package Project, Bedtime Stories, 2407-The House Inside My Head and Anne Marie Was Here, all invite the public to participate in the work. These ongoing projects have been and continue to be available both publicly and privately. 



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