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2020 will go down in history as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The myriad consequences it has brought to all of us at this moment are countless. I have been lucky so far, evading sickness and death, and my family and friends have remained healthy. I stay home or in my studio and wait for a vaccine.

Isolation and social distancing are more difficult for some than others; strangely enough, we artists revel in it. Time passes as abstractly as the next work of art, and I selfishly swallow up my opportunity to have undisturbed studio time like a good Bordeaux. It has been six months since the virus’ inception in the U.S., and a new body of work continuously and effortlessly materializes in my studio, paintings this time, simplified shapes, brighter colors. I wonder if that which surrounds me has affected me. Hollywood, FL, Summer 2020.

Website: IG: @pschnallgutierrezstudio

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